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That can sometimes be a problem but here it is an asset, as it only adds to the credibility and authenticity of the world he has created for W3D3. With its natural prose style, engaging characters and intriguing premise, this is a genuine page-turner that deserves to be read. I read the second half in one sitting, unable to put it down. I can offer no greater recommendation. Sep 23, James Cridland rated it it was amazing. I ought to declare three things before I continue with this review. First, I'm roughly the same age as the author. Second, I used to live in the same valley Linfit, not Slawit, mind you.

And third, I once worked with the author in a different life both his and mine , though I haven't seen him for many years. I enjoyed this book, partly because it contained carefully researched cultural references as another reviewer has said, and partly because it's a very good read. Written in a hu I ought to declare three things before I continue with this review.

Written in a humorous, matter-of-fact way, but dark underneath. The characters seem familiar, and the surroundings certainly are; the book is oddly believable given the plot line which makes it all the more enjoyable. Rather scarily, I seemed to have an awful lot in common with the kid who tells the story. I just need to remember not to shake hands any more. Verity rated it really liked it Apr 23, Helen rated it really liked it Mar 06, As she continues to write blogs about what goes on in her daily life at school, she has people commenting and replying to her, either agreeing to what she says, or trying to make her feel better, or disagreeing to what she has to say.

In this book, it has drama, romance, and hatred.

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There have been connections with guys and girls, just mostly drama. Also a girl goes missing after and party and the girl that is writing the blog hates her. I definitely recommend this book to freshmen. Especially girls that are going through a rough time. View all 3 comments.

Jan 18, Monicag rated it really liked it. This book explains about anonymous blogger Str-S-d writes about what happens to her and wishes someone dead. After a blog, Lucy Cunningham was kidnapped and was nowhere to be seen. A main character named Madison needs to figure out who it is and who is doing the kidnapping.

In a middle through a book, It reveals that it was Maura, a unpopular, timid girl think some people being rude to her, including Lucy, Adam and Courtney that are the top 3. The second book i read last year is more different because it has a different plot of the story. One has the love relationship problems in a story while the other has to do something with bullying. I like this book but sometimes i feel sad when people died in a book.

Aug 01, Veronika rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It's as if you were walking on a glass floor and it suddenly shatters and now you're falling and falling and there's broken glass in the air all around you and no bottom in sight. I mean not a hobby or anything but perfect for the storyline: The whole story begins with the blog where a bullied girl writes about how badly people treat her.

After we can read how Lucy one of the most popular girls gets kidnapped and then we read about what happened before Lucy got out of Tyler's car and here comes the story from Madison's point of view. After Lucy more teens start to disappear starting with Adam, Lucy's boyfriend. Madison realizes betrayals and cheating and soon discovers what is flawless on the outside isn't always perfect beneath the surface.

Soon Courtney, Madison's best friend disappears encouraging her for further investigation, she won't stop until she finds the truth. First I thought that Tyler is a little bit strange the rich bitch comment and how he acted all along the car drive There was a time when I hated him he left Madison in trouble which was caused by both of them, he acted like it was all Madison's fault.

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He did other questionable things too, but these became totally understandable after we get to know his story still I never really forgave him for making Madison take the guilt. After a time it became totally obvious who writes the blog so when it got out it wasn't a big surprise. Why didn't she stopped the blog or at least the wishes, when one girl has already disappeared?

When they went to the house where the kidnapper kept the victims it was clear who will it be. This story tells us how many bad things can happen on the internet, how cruel and crazy some people are, how from a "little bullying" can come something so bad like you couldn't imagine before, how little things can affect people's life. Everyone should be more careful what things they write on the internet because anyone can read it after they uploaded it. So all in all it is an amazing book, a quick read and I'm looking forward to read the two other books in this trilogy. Hope I can give five stars to those: Dec 21, A.

Reviewed by my brother, Gregory. I loved it and was sucked in from the first pages. An anonymous blogger starts talking about the kids that are mean to her at school. Then it escalates to wishing those kids are dead, and guess what? Our protagonist, Madison, feels responsible since she had taken the first girl, Lucy, home the night she was kidnapped but didn't watch her go in. That's when Lucy got snatched. When other kids start dis Reviewed by my brother, Gregory. When other kids start disappearing too, Madison begins investigating. The chapters are short which helps to move the story along at super speed.

Man, that puppy is psycho. The poor kids get not only physical torture but psychological as well. Madison and Tyler are good characters who seem to follow a logical path on their investigation. There are a couple of subplots that play out well in the end, a few red herrings and interesting twists. And as far as relationships went, they were portrayed well. Strasser also does a good job of making you feel ambivalent about the kids who get kidnapped.

I mean, you start thinking that if they hadn't been such jerks, perhaps they wouldn't be in this mess. It gets you thinking. No fantasy in this one. Just nasty nutso serial killer stuff. The pace is fast and I was flipping pages well into the night to finish it. Trouble was I was the only one up and jumped every time a weird noise rattled the house. Had to be a windy night, right? I brought one of the dogs in my room for backup. I don't want to give too much away so I'll just say this is a wonderful creepy thriller filled with suspense and nail biting moments. Totally fits the content.

Jul 16, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: When a popular teen from a wealthy, gated community disappears right off her front lawn, everyone is scared. Then, when two more teens disappear within the same week, panic sets in. Madison has always liked being part of the "in" crowd, but she hesitates and tries to distance herself when they start bashing t Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadToo.

Madison has always liked being part of the "in" crowd, but she hesitates and tries to distance herself when they start bashing the less fortunate students in her affluent high school. When her friend, Lucy, disappears after being dropped off at her house by Madison and her Safe Ride partner, she feels guilty.

Madison was pretty annoyed with Lucy and her better-than-everyone attitude that night, and when Lucy stubbornly continued to hang around on her front walk, Madison and Tyler just left her. Now Lucy is gone. Did she run off with her boyfriend? Is she just trying to scare everyone? Or was she kidnapped? When there is no demand for a ransom, people begin to suspect more sinister motives are involved.

I Wish, Wish, Wish You Were Dead, Dead, Dead

Madison is not the only one feeling guilty. The creator of a blog known as Str-S-d is having second thoughts about her actions. Frustrated with the ever-popular Lucy and her superior attitude, Str-S-d admits that she wishes her dead. Could someone have read her post and taken it seriously enough to actually kill the girl? And is it coincidence when Str-S-d expresses similar death wishes about the other two missing teens?

Add in the attractive yet mysterious new student, Tyler, and the strange messages Madison keeps finding from someone known only as PBleeker, and the suspense builds quickly. It provides just the edge-of-your-seat action teens love. Happily, it appears to be the first of three similar stories. Can't wait to get a look at the next one. Apr 30, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: Lucy Cunningham is the most popular girl attending Soundview High. She is drop dead gorgeous and stunningly attractive - everyone wishes to stand in her shoes.

That is, until one night Lucy is mysteriously kidnapped after receiving a ride home.

Madison Archer is wrecked by feelings of guilt and anxiety - after all, she was the last person to see Lucy before she disappeared. Thankfully, she has a new crush to keep her preoccupied.

See a Problem?

Tyler is the new, secretive guy at her school who always dons a bla Lucy Cunningham is the most popular girl attending Soundview High. Tyler is the new, secretive guy at her school who always dons a black trench coat. But when their relationship begins to form, two more notorious students are abducted. Madison takes matters into her own hands and tries to find the missing students - before it is too late.

The cover of Wish You Were Dead is absolutely appropriate. The book was creepy, disturbing, yet alluring: What would have made the book even better was if Strasser decided to develop his characters more, or remove some of the unnecessary scenes that didn't relate to the kidnappings. Parts of the book were boring and detracted from the suspenseful feel of the novel, making it lose some of its overall appeal. Recommended for teens who enjoy a suspenseful mystery. Feb 12, Amy Y. Madison Archer, a student of Soundview High school suddenly gets mysterious death threats after her best friend had disappeared.

Time is running out. Madison needs to find out who is behind this whole puzzle scheme before she is next! This book was very interesting! I decided to read this because of it's cover. My first reaction was " Whoa". It's cover looked so suspenseful and creepy.

Turns out, the story itself was creepy as well! It made my heart racing every time I flip each page of the book! Strasser's writing is amazing! Each chapter is a different perspective of the mystery blogger and protagonist! I love how it transitions because it makes the story connected and flow in a way! Overall, this book was amazing! If I would've rate this book on a scale of , I would give it a 7 because of it's thriller plot and brilliant writing skills! Jan 13, Nancy rated it did not like it Shelves: Has some dialogue from the culprit that makes it a little edgy, but in the end, I didn't really care whether they were found or not.

Dec 07, Kari rated it really liked it Shelves: Okay- this book was creepy. In many different ways was it creepy but I really liked it- partly because of that. The premise is great- a different take on the whole who done it kind of thing and what I really enjoyed about this book was how many different aspects of current times it incorporated.

The use of blogs- something that seems innocent and just gets it out there- and how just saying anything can come back at you was a big portion of this entire premise. The movie Juno came in to play a fe Okay- this book was creepy. This plot kept me enthralled from start to finish. This is a pretty quick read- made faster by how much I wanted to find out what happened. With each additional missing student, my curiosity grew. Strasser painted several different people as potential suspects, at least in the eyes of Madison. Who to trust and who to avoid were big themes, made worse with the increased fear that came with each missing student.

He threw out many postulations, all with strong reasons to be true. I was as curious and wondering as she was. I really enjoyed the tight nit community this book was set in. Of course there were the usual high school cliques, the popular people and the jocks, then the outcasts and the losers but everyone pulled together when things got rough. Protect your own first but worry about the others too- basic survival instincts that are more prevalent in some areas than others and that was almost refreshing for me.

Madison was a well done character. She was popular but different than the others- something that came more into play than I initially thought. She developed well, given the situation she was in and there were only a few instances where I questioned what she was doing and why.

The ending tied everything up, weaving it together nicely without any of it actually feeling like it was done just for the sake of being able to do it or to ties up the loose ends. The ultimate motivation and driving force behind this was a unique take on something often done and the specific way it was carried out was even better.

Wish You Were Dead (Thrillogy, #1) by Todd Strasser

Something I can completely see- despite how inhumane it was. Overall, I give this one 4 stars. It was gripping, it had a pretty strong lead character, and it was a unique take on an often done general story line. The writing was easy and not at all hard to follow- not outstanding but never did I find myself distracted from the writing because I felt it was poor. It wasn't a defining feature of the book for me as, say, the writing in The Monstrumologist was, but in no way did I think it was poor or lacking. Dec 10, Nicole Arnold rated it really liked it. Wish You Had Read It Sooner Overall, the book Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser is an amazing book that should be read by all, for what awaits the reader are engaging mysteries, interesting perspectives, and great suspense.

There are three major mysteries, the biggest one being what happened to the missing people; however, along the way there are other mysteries, like who wrote the note from the quote and who is the anonymous blogger who predicted the deaths and more. Forget trying to pretend. Those people have made my life miserable.

With these short bits of information given, the reader becomes more interested and will probably not want to put down the book anytime soon. Lastly, Strasser uses great suspense mechanisms when writing dialogue and descriptions view spoiler [: We got our retribution Got the final done We got the spark, we hit the mark And the killing's just begun. Sweet electrocution Sweeter by your side Let it go, let it fly to the sky And we die. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Overkill - Wish you were Dead Lyrics Overkill.