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The volume starts with a basic overview of murine and human skin dendritic cell network, respectively, and their role in immunity, as well as an extensive description of the immunobiology of the skin. The next chapter describes the state-of-the-art on delivery systems especially designed for intradermal vaccination. The remaining chapters highlight the effectiveness of intradermal immunization in experimental animal models or in clinical practice, all supporting the view that intradermal immunization is at least as good as other immunization routes.

A number of other vaccines have been considered for ID delivery. ID delivery is also under investigati on. The traditio nal methods used for ID de livery of vaccines ha ve limitations whi ch may. Bifurcated need les and multipun cture devices ha ve. Mantoux meth od of inserting a need le at a shallow angl e into the skin can also be. New generat ions of devices,. Most vaccines ar e administered IM or SC us ing a hypodermic need le. Mantoux tec hnique to inject in to the skin.

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Simp ler and more reli able ID injection is. The Mantoux technique is an ID injection method characterized by a needle. This method was developed by Charles Mantoux. However, this technique requi res. Also, age or elasticity-rela ted. Other disadvantages of Mantoux. Moreover, success rate of ID injection.

To overcome these limitations of conventional ID injection, Becton— Dickinson. BD has developed a micro-sized needle that can be inserted into skin vertically,. This novel microneedle device. In addition, the microneedle. An earlier prototype of the BD microneedle using a 1 mm, 34 gauge needle has. ID microneedle administration of a low dose. IM injection of a dose times larger 1 l g. Additiona lly, using microneedles.

The BD microneedle was also used to deliver. In this study, ID microneedle injection was compared to SC. A further study compared anthrax vaccine delivery using ID microneedle. Microneedle ID vaccination showed slightly better response in the murine. A follow-up ID immunization was performed to compare ID injection.

After prime immunization, ID injecti on. Interestingly, ID injection with 0. In this study, 6 l g of hem agglutinin. It was found that in younger participants, ID immunization was not. However, ID administratio n showed. Further evaluation of ID microneedle. For healthy adul ts, 9 l go f. ID immunization using 3 and 6 l g of hemagglutinin induced inferior. Therefore, 15 l g of hemagglutinin was administered. In this phase II clinical trial, ID. After administration of two booster immunizations, ID immunization induced.

It is possible that because ID deliver y occurs in the skin,. Hollow microneedles have also been developed as multi-needle arrays, which have. In addition, glass hollow microneedles have been fabri-. This device consists of a row of four hollow silicon microneedles that are.

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In this study, ID injection with the array using 20 and. GMT increase, seroconversion rate, and seroprotection rate. ID delivery can also be achieved via jet injection or particle injection routes, which. There have been decades of. Schramm-Baxter and Mitragotri ; Weniger and Papania In response to the risks of disease transmission due to cross contamina tion. A number of disposable-syringe jet injectors.

DSJIs have been developed and approved by national regulatory authorities for a. Some of these are. There is a long histor y of ID delivery via the jet injector ro ute through the use of. Jet injector s have also been utiliz ed historicall y for ID vaccination of rab ies Bernard. Burland ; Kok et al. A number of studies have been or will soon be implemented to address the.

This study compares full and fractional dose IM with ID. Results-to-date indicate that injections were generally tolerable with. Initial blinded assay results demonstrate. Final study results and analysis can be found. Compared to IM, inferior. When IPV was used as a booster to oral polio. A pilot study assessment of human papi llomavirus vaccine. PATH is also working to implement a. Results of this study are anticipated in Other vaccine trials of ID vaccine delivery are planned for other applications. Epidermal powder immunization EPI and particle-mediated epidermal delivery.

PMED utilize helium gas to deliver powdered proteins, polys accharides,. Companies involved in developing. It is not known if this device technology class is still in. Conventional protein antigens must be spe-. A clinical trial has been conducted. In PMED, gold beads 1—3 l m in diameter are coated with vaccine and deliv-. This approach may be par-. Results have been prom ising, but immune. For more than years, various sharp instruments have been used for vaccination.

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Weniger and Papania Although most vaccine administration is currently. Over the past decade, new. Recently these methods, especially microneedles, have shown promise for deliv-. The bifurcated needle Fig. The use of this device is simple and does. Although this method was effective for the smallpox eradication. In addition to hollow microneedles discussed in Sect. Techniques for vaccination usin g solid microneedles.

Vaccine formulations may be placed on the skin. Solid microneedles can be. Coated microneedles have been the most extensively studied technique for ID. Using this approach, vaccine forms a solid-. Typically, this method provides a bolus delivery of a sub-mil-. An effective microneedle coating process typically involves.

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Using this technique, compounds over a large range of sizes including small. Novel coated microneedle designs for improved delivery have been demonstrated,. Each 12 mm by 12 mm device contains 50 microneedles measuring l m tall. Reproduced from Sullivan et al. In these studies, ID. The investigators also found that immune response by. Howeve r, subsequent studies. In order to maintain antigenicity, the disac-. More detailed studies showed that coated microneedle.

To account for antigenic changes to the. In this case, vaccination using. Additional assays for immune response from corresponding lung sam ples. As evidence for microneedle-enhanced. In addition to improved. T helper cell response Kim et al. Studies using virus-like particle VLP vaccine coated. The VLP dose was control led using a.

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A novel approach to coated microneedles involved the use of polyphosphazene. PCPP , which served as both an effective coating excipient and an immune. ID microneedle immunization with hepatiti s B. Another study demonstrated effective generation of cellular. These short needles were coated. In a follow-up study, microneedles coated with a. The authors proposed that. Microneedles are coated with vaccine in the solid state, which is expected to.

In a stability study of microneedl es coated with inacti-. Furthermor e, both groups were. In vitro assay of. As an improvement over coated microneedles, dissolving microneedles have been. Typically, the vaccine is incorporated into the. Dissolving microneedles have been made using a number of different. In a recent study, dissolving microneedles were prepared by encapsulating inac-.

Compared to IM injection, dissolving micro-. This method is attractive because the micro-scale pores made by. After insertion and removal of the microneedles, vaccine can be applied. This approach was investigated for. When diphtheria toxoid was applied to micro-. Using a related approach,. This approach generated stronger humoral and cel-.

Tattoo guns use high-frequency oscillating needles to mak e thousands of punctures. In one study, hemagglutinin-. To overcome the slow. To dete rmine the effect of the. It was found that the DNA tattooing tool had negligible effect.

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Other vaccines including an adenoviral vector. In the case of the adenoviral vector vaccine, tattooing showed simi lar. Tattooing of the peptide vaccine with CpG motifs. DNA tattooing was evaluated in non-human primates, which have previously. In order to advance this techniq ue to human clinical trials,. A human clinical trial for treating melanoma is planned Quaak. A comprehensive review on DNA tattooing can be found in one of the. Most of the ID vaccination methods described so far involve minimally invasive.

Another set of approaches involve mos tly non-invasive. The key to success using these approache s is. Scheuplein and Blank A number of methods to increase skin permea bility. A number of studies have demonstrated that the skin barrier can be broken by. A variety of abrasion methods including rough surface s Frerichs et al.

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Aramaki ; Vandermeulen et al. Application of tumor epitope peptides on tape-stri pped mouse. Skin abrasion using an abrasiv e paper is perhaps the most commonly used. This has led to the development of a Skin Prep. System SPS to provide a control led method of stratum corneum disruption for. This technique has been shown to be ef fective in humans. The device was a single-use, disposable system and wa s discarded immediately after.

LT-p atch recipients who became ill had. In another study, a similar technique was used to boost response. In th is case, prior to application, the patch area wa s lightly. In weeks following vaccinat ion, hemag-. Microdermabrasion is a common cosmetic procedure that has been adapted to. This approach has been shown to incr ease. As mentioned in Sect. Ultrasound, especially at low frequencies, is very effective in permeabilizing the. It is now understood that acoustic cavitation, which is.

Several studie s have shown that duri ng ultrasound expo sure, transien t. The microheater array left side of inset is used to ablate. Comp ared to simple top ical administ ration, ultra sound. Furthermo re, applicat ion of. In a nother stud y, it was show n that appli cation of tet anus toxoi d to skin pre-.

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Endocrinology Adult and Pediatric: Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Vol. Aging of the Organs and Systems. The Skin and Gene Therapy. The Role of Pendrin in Health and Disease. Condensed Handbook of Occupational Dermatology. Genetic Diagnosis of Endocrine Disorders. Immunology of the Female Genital Tract.

Delivery Systems for Intradermal Vaccination

Selective Inhibitors Of Viral Functions. Strategies for Immunointerventions in Dermatology. Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas.